Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letters from David by Eve Paludan (e-book priced at $2.49)

Letters from David by Eve Paludan (e-book priced at $2.49)
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Letters from David by Eve Paludan (e-book priced at $2.49)
In the tradition of novels driven by love letters, the author proudly presents...

Letters from David by Eve Paludan

A Midwestern woman faces devastating changes in midlife -- She loses her home and the steadfast love of her life, misses her adult children, moves to a house by the ocean, picks her mom's brain, regains a relationship with her estranged daughter, finds an exciting lover, gets a marriage proposal from a hot guy, but most of all, discovers the truths of life and love within the pages of letters written by her dead husband and her beloved soldier son, both of them named David.

Claire Mead didn't have her husband anymore, her children lived abroad, her income was shrinking and she hadn't shaved her legs all winter. She hadn't laughed, truly laughed, for months. She was going broke and still cried much too easily since David, a.k.a. "The Saint," had died, but suddenly, she realized she had something she had never once had before in her life -- her freedom.

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