Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some of my favorite, often-visited web sites Even though the book reviews can be pretty harsh for some authors, this site has cutting-edge information on who's who and what's what in romance novel (print) publishing. A lively arena at times, the site is ripe with hoopla that you just can't get anywhere else, with occasional cameo appearances, in the form of articles and comments, by big-name NYT bestselling authors. Lots of insider info about behind-the-scenes happenings at some publishing houses is just the cherry on my sundae. This massive site on everyone who is anyone in publishing is compiled/updated by Gerard Jones and must be seen to be appreciated. You won't be able to stop reading all the gems of truthiness here, most of them resulting from Mr. Jones sending press releases about his novel to 20,000+ publishers, agents, and editors. He shares his rejections and especially, all of the snarky nuggets that the publishers and agents don't want you to see. Bestselling author and writer's herald of both good and evil in the publishing business, Piers Anthony gives writers the low-down and the up-and-up on e-publishing companies on the web. With bi-monthly updates, his site is a must-see. With a free subscription, members receive daily newsletters about the publishing industry and access to jobs listings, freelance marketplace, etc. Professional classes/seminars are offered on a for-fee basis.
Preditors and Editors: This site is highly recommended as a resource for writers who seek agents, publishers, etc. Many pages of candid and useful information so juicy in content that you better bring napkins. Though some of the goodies are locked up for subscribers ($20/month), a large portion of the site is completely free to viewers, including jobs, rights postings list, daily newsletter, and more. Lots of publishing news, daily, makes this site a favorite.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Epic Purse Dumping!

There are signs of intelligent life within my purse, I swear!
The pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Wallet
  • compass on a neck string
  • cell phone
  • address book
  • notebook
  • credit cards
  • change purse
  • three flashlights
  • various chapsticks
  • various prescription and over the counter remedies, Sting-eze, vaseline
  • various band-aids in many sizes plus alcohol swabs
  • map of the campus
  • bus schedule
  • wrist bands for motion sickness
  • wide tooth comb
  • keys
  • separate keyring with only discount cards from stores on it
  • business cards and business card holders
  • bathroom freshener
  • eyeglasses cleaner
  • eyeglasses repair kit
  • sewing kit
  • backup CD of documents
  • baggie
  • unidentified yellow pill
  • dental floss
  • 3 pens
  • feminine hygiene products (unused)
  • empty baggie
  • spiral notebook
  • post it notes
  • grocery list
  • Dollar Tree receipts
  • Stretchy crushed velvet gloves with animal print!

The humble 9.99 handbag from Target with many zippered pockets, is on its third strap, this one cannibalized from an old laptop bag. I've been using it for at least three years.